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The Genesis Approach To Art - Text Book

Includes Book (The Genesis Approach to Art)

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Introductory Package:

Includes book (The Genesis Approach to Art) and Unit I DVD -

A $38.99 value if purchased separately.

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Art Appreciation - Text Book

The Genesis Approach to Art is a book written from a unique Biblical perspective. Through it you will achieve the following:

  • Learn to appreciate art as a gift of God who is the Creator of all truth and beauty.
  • Discover amazing insights into the nature and character of God.
  • Develop a heightened awareness of the beauty of the natural world as you learn to see the basic elements of art in creation.
  • Discover how to move from the left to the right side of your brain.

In addition to covering art philosophy and the challenges of secular art, the text includes practical guidelines for helping you see line, shape, value, space and texture as well as very in-depth sections on color and color theory. There are some exercises recommended in the material, but it is not primarily a "how to" manual. Individuals interested in actually producing their own art works are encouraged to take the Studio Lessons in addition to reading The Genesis Approach to Art.

The book is highly recommended for everyone from a Judeo-Christian religious background who loves nature and art.  It will specifically be helpful to those who have careers or hobbies in related creative fields such as quilting, interior design, fashion, beauty, landscaping and floral design.